Welcome to Apollo PEX-B Certification Test. This test is provided to train homeowners in the proper use and installation of Apollo PEX pipe and fittings. Please watch the “How to Use and Install Apollo PEX” video on our videos page or read the Apollo Installation Manual on our literature page. Afterwards, please answer the multiple choice, ten question quiz below. If at least 8 out of 10 questions are answered correctly, certification will be awarded. A Certificate of Training will be e-mailed to you to use in accordance with any local plumbing codes that require factory training for PEX installation.


For any further information or instructions about specific Apollo PEX products, please visit www.apolloflow.com/literature.

Company Name
In what setting can PEX be used?
How should PEX Pipe be prepared before attaching a fitting?
Where should a crimp ring or pinch clamp be placed for fastening?
How should brass or poly alloy fittings be attached to PEX pipe?
How do you test a fastened crimp ring to make sure it’s secure?
What tools are needed to install push-to-connect fittings?
With what type of pipe can most push-to-connect fittings be used?
What is the job of a manifold?
Why do manifolds have so many valves?
If you need information about Apollo PEX products, visit:

If you didn't receive your PEX-B training certificate in your email, please contact Meda Baughman at meda@mosackgroup.com.

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