The circuit breaker for your potable water system. Apollo PEX Manifold Systems allow for longer continuous runs of PEX pipe, meaning fewer fittings and spending less time on installation. Longer runs with fewer connections also mean fewer chances of leaks and water damage, smoothers bends and turns, and reduction of line noise and water hammer. Manifold Systems are used so each branch line only feeds one fixture. The Manifold greatly reduces pressure fluctuations and temperature swings that can cause scalding. Apollo PEX Manifold Systems are available in a wide range of outlet ports and materials.

Model #Description
Manifold System – 12 Port
Manifold System – 16 Port
Manifold System – 20 Port
Manifold System – 24 Port
Manifold System – 28 Port
Manifold System – 32 Port
Manifold System – 36 Port
Copper Manifold – 4 Port, Open End
Copper Manifold – 6 Port, Open End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 2 Port, Closed End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 4 Port, Closed End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 2 Port, Open End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 4 Port, Open End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 6 Port, Open End
Replacement Manifold Valve
1/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FPT Swivel
Replacement Manifold Inlet Adapter
3/4 in. PEX x 1 in. FPT


  1. I bought a 16 port manifold a little over a year ago for my new house, and this last week it started leaking at the hot water supply connection. My plumber could never get the provided fittings to not leak so went with a different fitting. Which seemed to work till last week. Was wondering if I just need new supply fittings or a whole new Manifold? Im in a mess at the moment. Thank you!

    1. Robie,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We would like to send you two fittings. One is the plastic inlet adapter (1 in. FPT x MPT) that screws onto the manifold, and the other is the brass adapter that will need to be screwed on top (3/4 in. PEX x 1 in. FPT) of the plastic adapter. Please note that when making a threaded connection using plastic fittings, or brass on plastic fittings, that you will want to hand tighten and then give another ¼ to ½ turn with a wrench.

      Based off of your description below, my best guess is that the O-ring in the brass adapter may be worn out due to thermal expansion, or that the brass fitting was over tightened on the plastic adapter and over time created a small stress fracture in the threads. Please let me know once you install the new fittings if the leaks still exists. If the leak still exists, we will replace your 16 port manifold.

      Please email your ship to address (UPS) to and we will have this shipped out for delivery by tomorrow.

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